Potato Pesto Pizza

September 10, 2012

My pizza obsession and general gluttonous nature has afforded me the opportunity to find one of the best pies known to man — and to tell you all about it.

Potato pesto pizza — it’s not only an alliteration, it’s a complete contradiction to everything you thought about pizza toppings. Stay clear, carb counters.

This pizza comes with 1/4-inch thick slices of perfectly cooked, sliced white potatoes layered atop high-quality mozzarella, homemade pesto and topped with whole basil leaves. Contrary to my first thoughts, the pizza crust was strong enough to hold its hearty toppings, meaning I could enjoy the slices the way pizza should always be eaten — with my hands.

I’ve never fell in love with a slice so quickly. After my first bite, I proclaimed I would be coming back. Soon.

The second bite drove me to announce that this potato pesto pizza was one of the greatest pies I had ever experienced in my many years living with a pizza obsession. It rivals Toby’s Public House, Grimaldi’s and Celeste.

I was hooked. I was in love. I almost cried.

As if the pies alone weren’t reason enough to make the trek to Astoria Boulevard, the service there is friendly, funny, flirty and 100% Italian. And at 9pm on a Friday night, there was no wait. I struggled with the decision to tell the world my two readers about Basil Brick Oven Pizza. But in the end, I could not keep it to myself. This pizza is too special. It needs to be cherished, respected, praised. It needs to be eaten.


2 Responses to “Potato Pesto Pizza”

  1. Haley said

    Wow! Sounds completely amazing…. Are you going to try and re-create at home?

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