Eating Out Without Gluten: Beast

January 16, 2012

Friday, my friend, Wheat Free Sarah (WFS), and I, along with others, decided to go to Beast in Brooklyn. I was immediately regretting my decision to try a gluten free lifestyle after I saw roasted garlic with grilled bread on the menu. I was even more annoyed with myself when fresh, warm bread was delivered to our table and I was forced to watch gluten-loving Sarah S devour it with reckless abandon.

But alas, WFS and I did find several items on the menu that were without gluten. Here they are, in all their gluten free glory:

Grilled, marinated artichokes, green beans, lemon aioli and shaved parmesan.

Roasted Brussels sprouts with stips of thick cut bacon and sweet onion.


Pan-seared dry sea scallops, butternut squash puree, fried leeks and a balsamic reduction.


Citrus-marinated skirt steak with arugala and chipotle aioli.

Beast was a delight to say the least. A memorable, epicurean experience. I will be back. In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading Ricky Silver’s blog, where he recently addressed the issue of a gluten free lifestyle — and successfully cleared up some confusion regarding the topic.


One Response to “Eating Out Without Gluten: Beast”

  1. Kiley McKinstrie said

    Sounds like you’re a reformed “glutton for gluten,” “gluten glutton.”

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