Feeding the Fans

October 11, 2011

Who hires a caterer for a 6-person Sunday football party? Someone so awesome you wish he was your friend.

My friend Mark is serious about football — and food. For the party at his Hell’s Kitchen apartment Sunday, I came up with four manly apps, including mini BLTs, sweet and spicy meatballs, baba ghanoush (ok, maybe that one’s not so manly) and, of course, wings.

They seemed to love everything and were beginning to exhibit signs of a food coma by the time I left — I guess that’s one sign of success.

Hollowed out cherry tomatoes stuffed with a mayo, cream cheese, bacon and green onion mixture.

Meatballs simmered in a cranberry and Thai chili sauce mixture. Served in small doses to keep them hot.

Chicken wings -- Alton Brown style.

Baba ghanoush just isn’t aesthetically pleasing so there will be no pics of that. Or hummus for that matter. And if you’ve paid attention to nothing on this site so far, please pay attention to this one bit of wing knowledge: the Alton Brown method for wing preparation is superior to any other. Try it.


2 Responses to “Feeding the Fans”

  1. thinknick said

    Looks Delicious! Thanks for passing along the wing recipe..

  2. mark said

    Emily is the real deal: she falls squarely into the “good people” bucket, and has the top-notch cooking skills to match her considerable charm. It was simple, my friends came over and Emily made us all very very happy. The only thing Emily didn’t do was beat the Atlanta Falcons (my Green Bay Packers took care of that).

    Thanks again Emily, Go Pack Go.


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